Can I use the Washing Machine if I have to Wash the Polyamide?

Can I use the Washing Machine if I have to Wash the Polyamide: Polyamide fabrics are synthetic and are used to sew a variety of clothing: underwear, sweaters, thermal underwear, jackets, pants. The material is very strong, flexible, but hardens and becomes brittle at high temperatures. So you need to wash the polyamide at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.

Can I use the Washing Machine if I have to Wash the Polyamide?

How to wash polyamide clothes?

Polyamide is a rather capricious material that requires special care. If the product looks fragile, it is best to wash it with lukewarm water with your hands.

Ordinary polyamide garments can be machine washed as follows:

  • Empty the pockets, close the locks and turn the product upside down. Repair any damage before washing.
  • Select delicate wash, hand wash, or gentle, synthetic wash. Stop wringing and dry.
  • Use liquid detergent or non-chlorine detergent.
  • After washing, shake the product to free it from excess water, straighten it and hang it to dry on the shoulders.
  • After drying, iron the fabric using the lowest iron heating temperature (Silk mode).

Polyamide is strictly contraindicated:

  • high temperatures;
  • steam treatment;
  • centrifuge and electric dryer.

Can I use the Washing Machine if I have to Wash the Polyamide?

Material characteristics

Polyamide refers to unnatural materials. It was first identified as a separate type of fabric in the 60s. Synthetic fibers are obtained by processing oil, natural gas, coal. Polyamide is widely used as an additive to other fabrics to give products strength and lightness.

Different methods of processing and weaving fibers allow you to get these types of polyamide fabrics:

  • elastane;
  • Taslan;
  • nylon;
  • velsoft;
  • nylon.

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The following properties are characteristic of polyamide:

  • Easy to dye so you can get fabric of any color.
  • He has great resistance. A wire with a thickness of 2 hairs can bear a load of 1.5 kg.
  • Polyamide clothing is breathable, comfortable to wear, and pleasant to the touch. Elastic, light, does not wrinkle, rests on the face.
  • Polyamide is a quick-drying, water-repellent fabric. It is not afraid of humidity, fungi, sea salt, it is not prone to rotting.
  • Not afraid of direct sunlight and does not lose color.

Can I use the Washing Machine if I have to Wash the Polyamide?

Washing of different types of polyamide

In addition to the general rules for the care of polyamide fabrics, there are private rules. Some types of polyamide are durable, others are easily deformed and require careful processing.

How to wash different types of polyamide?

Nylon widely used for making socks, stockings, tights. The products are deformed by hot water, so it is okay to wash them under 40 degrees. Since they can roll in the drum, it is best to wash your hands. You can wash the nylon and in the machine, but then you should choose a gentle mode and use a bag for delicate washing.

Nylon – This is 100% polyamide, one of its very first types. Linen, tights, and knits are made from it. Nylon threads are added to satin and cotton. Nylon is light, dense, dry quickly, pleasant to the touch, but stretches when wet. Erase in fast mode at 40 degrees and without rotation. Detergents must not contain chlorine. White nylon should be washed separately as it may turn gray. Drying – only in a horizontal position.

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Taslan – This is a modern polyamide fabric with a non-standard weave fiber structure and a porous, waterproof inner coating. It is used for sewing casual clothes for adults. A Taslan jacket can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees with a normal spin. Dry cleaning, bleaching, and stain removal with solvents are prohibited.

Velsoft has a fleece structure, but the coils on it do not form. Sew not only outerwear but also towels, blankets. Velsoft polyamide can be machine washed at 30–40 degrees and pressed at 400 rpm. Recommended mode – “Gentle wash synthetics.” After washing, the products are not twisted and dried naturally in a straightened form. Ironing is not allowed.

Elastane Perfectly restores shape when stretched more than 6 times. He is not afraid of the sun’s rays, grease, and sweat stains. To wash the spandex, use the Synthetics mode (30-40 degrees) at 500 rpm.

polyamide garments can be machine washed

100% polyamide is quite rare. Most often, manufacturers use it as an additive to increase strength and reduce wrinkling in the finished product. With the inclusion of other additives, the use of combined materials and fillers (in a jacket), the rules of clothing care change. Therefore, it is correct to start from the information on the label of a particular product.

Polyamide products can be washed in the washing machine. It is necessary to use mild modes and detergents without chlorine. Subject to maintenance rules, polyamide fabrics have a long lifespan, do not lose their color, do not stretch, and are like new.


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