Foam Party: Is it Possible to Wash with Shampoo in the Washing Machine?

Foam Party: Is it Possible to Wash with Shampoo in the Washing Machine: Wash with shampoo intended for hair, you can neither in machines of the activator type nor in machines. This tool “works” on a completely different principle – not like special powders and gels. Therefore, shampooing can damage clothing and the device itself.

However, in recent years, shampoos designed for washing jackets, sleeping bags, and other items with natural down filling have appeared on the market. In the case of them, the reverse is true: washing your hair is not recommended, but you can insert it into the machine without compromising its performance.

Is it Possible to Wash with Shampoo in the Washing Machine

Likely consequences

The scenario in which events will develop after washing with ordinary shampoo depends on several factors:

  • The amount of shampoo. The thicker it is, the more abundant the foam cap will be and the greater the risk of machine failure.
  • The degree of foaming. Special substances are added to the shampoo, which contributes to a dense and resistant foam. This is necessary for high-quality hair degreasing and removal of “sticky” contaminants. However, during washing, such a foam can infiltrate into the electronic compartment and disturb its operation.
  • The load on the machine. The less stuff in the tank, the more space left for the foam. As a result, its level may not reach a critical level.

The first consequence, as a rule, is the exit of the foam through accessible openings (for example, a compartment for detergents). Most of the washing machines in the budget and mid-price segment do not have a very high-quality seal, so another stream of soap bubbles flows to the floor.

Can you wash with shampoo

If washing is not stopped at this point, the foam will enter the body of the machine, where all the sensors, cables, and motors are located. In the best case, after the security system works and the device turns off automatically, in the worst case, a short circuit will occur, the heater or the engine will burn out.

Repairing a washing machine that has suffered a foaming flood will cost about the same as buying a new one, and its subsequent use without specialist inspection will be associated with a risk of death.

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Instructions for saving the washing machine

To minimize the consequences and give the car a chance, immediately after shutting down, drain the water from the tank. Depending on the device model, this can be done in several ways:

  • Through the main or emergency drain pipe, stretching it on the floor and lowering the free end into the basin;
  • Through the hatch – the machine should be tilted slightly backward, open the door and suck up water;
  • Through the drain filter;
  • Through a drainage pipe (they only resort to this method if the previous three turn out to be impossible).

Can you wash with shampoo

When handling, the plug must be removed from the socket. You will find all the nuances of emergency drainage in the machine instructions.

Once the tank is empty, remove the back cover of the washing machine and carefully examine the details. Pay close attention to the board, because it is he who controls all the processes. If you find traces of water or foam, clean the board with pure medical alcohol. Firstly, it will remove alkali residue, and secondly, it will dry out the surface and prevent corrosion from forming. They do the same with another electronic “jam”, they deal with the places of connection of electric cables.

When everything is ready, you should immediately call the master or bring the machine to service yourself.

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Other reasons not to shampoo

As a tool for hair, the shampoo contains not only surface-active substances but also useful components (oils, keratin, silicones, and other polymers). Some of them perform a temporary protective function, while others do not rinse the fabric, wrapping each thread and attaching it to it. As a result, objects lose their attractive appearance and quickly become unusable. Wool and polyester products are the most resistant to the negative effects of shampooing.

In addition, the shampoo is not able to withstand complex dirt. The stain of juice, coffee, oil, blood, wine, sauce after such washing will not disappear, it will stick even more strongly in the fabric thanks to the polymers mentioned above. Unpleasant odors will also remain in place.

Can i use shampoo in washing machine

Life hack: To combat the increased foaming, there are special tools – anti-foaming agents. In small amounts, they are present in all shampoos, but the wash gel adds a lot more.

If for some reason a person wants to wash his hair with shampoo and without resorting to specialized means, he needs:

  • Find a company on the Internet that wholesalers chemical components for making soap and sell a defoamer designed for liquid detergents.
  • Add the manufacturer’s recommended amount of defoamer to the shampoo. As a rule, it is between 0.3 and 0.5%. Experimentally, you can find the optimal proportion for a particular shampoo, as they lather in different ways.
  • When washing, it is imperative to use anti-scale products and to maintain the machine regularly.

In order for the washing machine to function reliably for many years to come, only detergents certified with a hatch icon or “automatic” mark should be added. And together with shampoo, if such a need arises, it is worth washing it off by hand.


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