How do I Get Rid of A Bad Smell in My Washing Machine?

How do I get rid of a bad smell in my washing machine? Whatever product you like to go with must and should be cleaned on a regular basis. This is especially to reduce the sewage/another kind of dirty smells respectively. One can also identify the bad smell from the clothes post-wash every time. This also happens due to failure or improper maintenance.

This is because the bacteria is going to build up at various places like where there might be a residual detergent/ mold/ or the lint respectively. Therefore, in that case, how do I get rid of a bad smell in my washing machine? The following things help you to understand and by implementing those, you can easily get rid of such bad smell fastly and successfully.

Get Rid of A Bad Smell in My Washing Machine

But make sure before you implement these steps, unplug the machine initially. Also, make sure that all your hands are clean and dry enough. Keeping this point in mind, start applying the following tips without making any kind of second thought. Whatever might be front load or top load, it is important to enhance the proper maintenance at regular intervals.

How do I Get Rid of A Bad Smell in My Washing Machine?

There are some key points to be implemented so that can easily get rid of such bad smell at our respective washing machine.

  • Scrub the respective detergent drawer
  • Wash the lint filter
  • Wash the rubber door seal
  • Run the wash cycle with the help of vinegar

Let us go through one by one provided below in a clear and better understandable format.

Scrub the respective detergent drawer

Most of the time, all the front load washing machines come with a removable draw and become dirt or get unclean very fast. Therefore, resulting in a bad smell caused due to improper maintenance. But this can be solved by simply removing out the draw and try to clean either with a perfect scrub or through a toothbrush without stepping back.

top loading washing machine smells

Do not forget to scrub out inside and outside, rinse and dry it completely before placing back into its respective position. It is better if you clean the detergent drawer for every few months so that will no more face such type of issues in our day to day life.

Wash the lint filter

smelly washing machine home remedy

Cross-verifying the lint filter is one more method to be implemented for getting rid of the bad smell caused, unfortunately. With the help of the damp lint, we can remove any lint from the filter on either a weekly/ monthly basis. But before opening the respective filter compartment, do not forget to place a towel for removing water instantly. Just simply open the lint from the respective filter and start cleaning it to get rid of this particular issue.

Wash the rubber door seal

Are you using front-load washing machines? If your answer is yes, then it is important to clean the rubber door seal on regular basis saving from the happening of getting mold. This is which in turn results in getting bad or odor smell respectively.

front load washing machine smells

Try to use a soft sponge or soft cloth for removing the mold if any occurred in the respective rubber door seal. This is also one best solutions for getting rid of such an issue.

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Run the wash cycle with the help of vinegar

Just simply re-plug the washing machine to the respective power outlet. Start pouring 3 cups of white vinegar into it. After doing so, run the hot water wash placing no clothes into the respective drum. IF it smells like vinegar, you need not get worried related to it.

This method is implemented especially for getting rid of the bacteria or mold caused in one’s particular washing machine. If you do not have vinegar also not a problem. Because running hot water wash without any clothes placed at drum too greatly helps for getting rid of such an issue very well.

Once after implementing all these steps, if you face still the same problem, do not forget to check the standpipe. This issue gets cause even due to the happening of partial blockage respectively. In that case, try to unblock by simply clearing out.

I hope now you are standing in a place to clean up the machine perfectly and getting rid of the smell successfully. If you have any doubts or like to learn more tips, mention a single comment in the following rectangular section. So that we help and reach you accordingly. Also, like the article try to share this useful information with all your friends to help them solve the same issue fastly and accurately. Thank you. Keep connected with the best washing machine in India for learning more and more interesting points related to it.

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