Is it Possible to Wash Children’s Clothes, Silk, and Wool in Washing Machine

Is it Possible to Wash Children’s Clothes, Silk, and Wool in Washing Machine with Calgon: Calgon is a water softener that protects the machine against scale and unpleasant odors. You can wash things with “Kalgon”, that’s what it is for. It is added to washing powder if the tap water is very hard.

Is it Possible to Wash Children's Clothes, Silk, and Wool in Washing Machine

With low water hardness “Kalgon” it is not necessary to use. In addition, many modern laundry products already contain fabric softeners.

How to use Calgon?

Calgon is available in powder, gel, and tablets. It costs about 200 rubles for 500 g. It is used exclusively for washing machines and is a preventive measure.

“Calgon” does not clean the scale, but warns of its formation! In addition, it does not clean dirt or stains. Washing things without powder doesn’t make sense.


  • The manufacturer recommends adding “Calgon” to each wash, regardless of the water mode and temperature.
  • Powder “Calgon” is added to the same compartment as washing powder, gel – in a container for liquid products. The tablet is placed in a drum.
  • The dosage of the product depends on the hardness of the water. With very hard water, 100 ml of powder is used for a hard wash – 66 ml, medium hardness – 33 ml.
  • When using Calgon tablets, one piece is enough to wash them in the water of any hardness.

how to wash clothes in washing machine

The effectiveness of the anti-tartar agent is confirmed by the results of the research. “Calgon” is recommended to use the main manufacturers of washing machines – Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens.

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The direct purpose of using Calgon is to protect the washing machine and extend the life of the heating elements. The tool binds stiffness salts and does not allow them to settle on the heater (heater), plastic tubes, drum. In addition, its use has additional advantages:

  • increases the efficiency of washing powder;
  • eliminates unpleasant odors;
  • saves energy;
  • protects the machine against breakage.

The descaling heating element uses less energy to heat. The water becomes soft and the powder works better in it. Thus, you can reduce its consumption and concentrate on the dosage of freshwater. When using “Kalgona”, the linen does not turn gray and does not get coarse.

There are also budget analogs of Kalgon of identical composition on sale: Antinakipin, Alfagon.

Is it possible to wash childrens clothes in washing machine

Harm and contraindications

Until recently, Kalgon relied on phosphates, which, as it later turned out, are harmful to human health and the environment. They practically do not decompose and cause intensive growth of algae, clog ponds, and drainage pits. Today, phosphates have completely replaced zeolites – minerals from the group of aqueous aluminosilicates. They are much safer and, like phosphates, increase the effectiveness of surfactants (surfactants). Thus, they can reduce the content of aggressive chemistry.

Zeolites, which make up over 30% Kalgon, are also found in expensive powders (Ariel, Tide), but in smaller amounts (up to 5-10%). About 5% of Kalgon are nonionic surfactants and polycarboxylates. Of course, all of these compounds are chemical compounds, but when used for their intended purpose, they are not harmful to health.

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Isolated cases of zeolites causing an allergic reaction are known. Therefore, first-time powders with their contents and Calgon should be used with caution.

It is better not to wash some things with Kalgon:

  • newborn clothes, towels, bedding;
  • things for allergy sufferers.

Some detergents (eg Persil Sensitive expert) do not require Calgon. They already contain a sufficient number of water softeners, the relevant information can be found on the packaging. Usually, this is an icon with a heating element and a checkmark.

Calgon is intended for systematic use. It is added to each detergent wash. If you use such a powder occasionally, it will not have the desired effect.


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