Is it Possible to Wash Socks and Underwear Together in Washing Machine

Is it Possible to Wash Socks and Underwear Together in Washing Machine: Socks and Underwear are very small compared to other wardrobe details. Even changing clothes every day, it is difficult to type a full bookmark for the automatic machine. However, experts do not recommend washing pants and socks together for several reasons.

Is it Possible to Wash Socks and Underwear Together in Washing Machine

Why can’t you run together?

Always and invariably, underwear was washed separately from socks and other clothing. Why For hygienic reasons. In the past, clothes and socks were changed less often, and they had time to get dirty a lot, whereas the laundry should have been kept clean. At the same time, everything was cleared in the basin and it was no longer possible to change the water when it was dark.

What are the reasons today for not washing socks and underwear together:

  • if the socks are heavily soiled (socks for men, for summer work, or active outdoor activities for children), they should be washed extensively and modern underwear is usually quite a routine fast or “daily” – either one is not achieved, or the other is distorted, covered. coils or change color;
  • socks are usually made of bamboo or cotton knit; these are rather delicate materials, but all the same, withstand a long and intensive washing, but lace or silk underwear requires short cycles;
  • if the socks and underwear are different colors, they cannot be thrown together a priori – they even need different detergents;
  • Due to the rougher texture of the socks on the underwear, coils may appear – the look will be spoiled, and people with sensitive skin will feel awkward.

can we wash socks in washing machine

Is important: All types of socks and underwear (except panties for the smallest) are washed in warm water, at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees, otherwise the fabric will lose color or s ‘will quickly erase.

These are the main reasons why you shouldn’t run pants and socks together in a machine. If you wash your hands, it is undesirable to mix different types of underwear due to the difference in the degree of contamination.

How to wash separately

Men’s socks are generally dark, and for many newbie housewives, it seems sufficient to wash them in hot water on an aggressive mode or soak them in a basin of bleach. All this will spoil your socks, they will lose their presentation, and nice socks underpants or jeans.

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How to take care of socks:

  • The most obvious thing is that they need to be changed every other day and, if your feet are sweating, every day. In case of hyperhidrosis of the feet, it is recommended to change 2 to 3 pairs per day.
  • Strong contaminations should not be removed – they should be soaped thoroughly and left in a lukewarm solution (undiluted powder or stain remover should not touch the fabric).
  • Using bleaches that contain chlorine is absolutely not worth it – socks will quickly poke holes. Socks only tolerate soap and oxygen stain removers. This is due to three factors: firstly, the cotton yarn (chlorine resistant) in the socks is thin, and the chlorine thins it even more, and secondly, for elasticity and wear resistance, a yarn synthetic is included in the fabric and does not withstand contact with bleach.
  • After soaking/soaping, you must prepare a fresh solution: dilute in lukewarm water and mix the soap shavings, gel, or powder well.

socks and underwear washing machine

  • Immerse the socks and rub lightly.
  • Stir the solution in a circle from bottom to top, alternating clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Squeeze socks without a twist.
  • Pour in cool water and rinse the socks well.
  • Change the water until it is clean.
  • Tighten through a towel (without twisting) and hang to dry away from high temperatures.

With the machine, the process is simplified: you have to put your wet socks in the drum and activate the ECO Cotton program: 40 degrees, 600 to 800 spin cycles, a long wash, an additional rinse (optional). A long wash is important to disinfect the socks, wash away all sweat drops and skin particles.

Life hack: Men don’t like to wash, but that doesn’t mean socks can’t be changed for weeks. Singles have come up with an interesting method: throw your socks in the tub while you shower and feel free to step on them. After them it remains to rinse, clench in the fist and hang the rope shower curtains.

How to care for the underwear:

  • Cowards need to be changed every day. If the man does not sweat a lot, it is permissible to put on a new pair every other day. Women are advised to use sanitary napkins daily. This is especially important for delicate, semi-synthetic lace panties that do not tolerate hot water.
  • In most modern models, manufacturers recommend washing at 30-40 degrees. 100% cotton children’s underwear should be washed at 50-90 degrees (children’s skin and mucous membranes are more sensitive in girls than in adults).
  • Soaking isn’t the best method for underwear, especially silk – it’s best to soap and rinse thoroughly. For natural silk, wash by hand with shampoo or by machine, with the display of other silk items from the program of the same name and with a gel labeled “For Silk”.

can we wash underwear in washing machine

  • In the machine drum, especially the lace, you need to put it in a mesh bag or non-shed pillowcase. When washing your hands, it is not recommended to scrub intensely.
  • Bloodstains should be immediately and strictly washed off with cold water (about 30 degrees).
  • It is advisable to take out the boxer shorts by pushing them through a towel and dry them by throwing them over a rope or hanging it on a rubber band on two clothespins with a soft spring (it is easy to check this easily by closing the little finger).

Tip: The magazine advises against drying panties, grabbing a handle on a piece of code or gusset (part between the legs) – the laundry is warped and it will need to be ironed and tears will appear more quickly on the seams.

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How to wash together in the washing machine?

If the family is large, the socks and boxer shorts can be easily grabbed into 2 full bookmarks. If the family is small, the work is not tied to the land, and the children have already grown up, the hostess has time to wash it by hand. But in most homes, it is much more convenient to wash socks and underwear together.

washing underwear and socks in washing machine

Important Although today’s black socks usually do not fade, they are best worn with dark clothing. White should be light washed.

To make this possible, do not let the socks get very dirty. If the dirt is hard, seal it or lather it well before throwing it into the drum. Separate cotton (this will include cotton t-shirts, socks, and underwear) and synthetic (lace underwear, same blouses, and dresses in tulle and mesh lining, men’s shirts, etc. .). Wash the first batch on the Cotton ECO program, the second on synthetics (the time is reduced by one and a half times, the drum spins less intensely, spin at a rotational speed of 500-600 revolutions, or you can pass).

Historically and intuitively, panties and socks are not assembled, but modern equipment, materials, and detergents allow you to do laundry without risk to health. The only thing – you have to divide things into cotton and synthetics, as well as by color, and socks that are too dirty for soaking or soap. Stay connected with the best washing machine for more interesting things related to the washing machines.

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