Is it Possible to Wash the Slippers in the Washing Machine

Is it Possible to Wash the Slippers in the Washing Machine: Care of  Indoor Shoes: No one wants to wash slippers with their hands when there is a machine. If the shoes of the house are well sewn and the fabric tolerates washing well, do not hesitate to send the product to the drum.

Is it possible to wash slippers with a typewriter?

Washing slippers in a washing machine seems reasonable, but not that simple. For some materials, such cleaning is impossible: if the slippers have jewelry made of feathers, beads, etc., all this can come off and damage the device. The cardboard sole will instantly turn sour, and the shoes will have to be thrown away.

Is it Possible to Wash the Slippers in the Washing Machine

Under the ban on washing and orthopedic slippers for the home: from there they can lose their medicinal properties. They are simply cleaned with a damp cloth or towels. They also come with cork shoes.

The washing method depends on the fabric from which the slippers are made. Is it possible to wash the fur and leather varieties? These machine-washable materials are not suitable: the fur falls off and the skin wrinkles. It is also not recommended to send imitation leather to the drum. Do not endanger the varnish materials either.

Potential risk to the machine itself: If poor-quality slippers burst in the drum, threads, villi, and other lumps can clog the drain. Cheap Chinese options, which rely on honesty and questionable glue quality, are best washed by hand.

How to wash slippers: tips

Only go to the washing machine if you are sure your slippers are sewn to the conscience. If cracks appear on the adhesive layer at the sole, the situation in the drum will worsen. If you feel sorry for your shoes, try hand washing.

Is it Possible to Wash the Slippers in the Washing Machine

Tips: If your slippers generally look reliable, but have a few holes in them, remove them first – sew everything together with heavy threads. Now washable.

What to do with felt slippers? They are dense, very warm, very comfortable, and aesthetic. So that the material does not deteriorate, set only the delicate mode to 30 degrees.

Very soft knitted yarn slippers that look like socks can be washed in wool fashion or by hand.

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Simple rules for washing slippers in a typewriter:

  • Always use a protective shoe cover. This is useful for slippers and for technology: it reduces the load on the drum. It is especially important to have a cover if the sole is heavy.
  • If there is no blanket, use an unnecessary fabric pillowcase in natural light (no weight loss). Put slippers in them and tie a knot.

washing slippers in washing machine

  • Wash your slippers separately from other clothes.
  • For a wash cycle – 2 pairs of slippers maximum.
  • Before loading, remove all debris from the soles with a brush.
  • Before washing, scrub the dirt off with a bar of laundry soap.
  • Of course, gels or capsules are used for washing. Bleach – only if there is permission on the liner label.
  • If there is a “Shoes” function, use it. In other cases, select delicate or manual mode.
  • An extra rinse cycle won’t hurt.
  • To prevent slippers from warping, turn off the spin function. A small product will dry quickly without it. Take out the washed shoes and wring them out with your palms. Do not twist.
  • If the slippers are very sturdy and reliable, then it is possible to try them gently at low speed.

Tip: Remember to consult the care information on the product label. The rules are basically the same, but there can be nuances.

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How often to wash the slippers? With constant wear and tear, especially without socks, slippers get dirty quickly and often become a source of infections and even fungus. 1 to 2 washes per month is sufficient if there are no unexpected contaminants. In case of damage to the fungus of the foot, you need to disinfect the shoes or buy a new one.

 can you put fluffy slippers in the washing machine

Always have a clean pair of slippers for guests. Serving people with slippers and gray slippers is ugly at least.

And the last recommendation: dry your slippers by stuffing them with crumpled paper to keep them in shape. Do not put indoor shoes on the batteries, do not help yourself with a hairdryer, refuse machine drying. All this spoils the product. Just place the shoes on a horizontal surface and let them dry naturally.

Household slippers are comfortable and also protect floors from debris and scratches. Take good care of your shoes so that, even in shale, they are clean and comfortable.


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