Is it Possible to Wash the Tent in Washing Machine?

Is it Possible to Wash the Tent in Washing Machine: Just think before you send expensive camping gear to the drum. How to wash the tent at home, is the washing machine suitable for this? We are talking about wet and dry cleaning, as well as the rules for a rare event – the complete washing of the tent.

Is it Possible to Wash the Tent in Washing Machine

Can i wash the tent

Over the years, a tent is naturally contaminated both inside and out. From humidity in the countryside, mold can even appear. The issue of washing will affect this product in some way.

In the washing machine, it is easy to damage the water-repellent impregnation and deform the thing, so this method is not recommended. In extreme cases, when you cannot do without the device, make sure that the weight of the tent does not exceed the allowable load in the drum.

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Mainly for tents used manual cleaning, wet or dry.

Is it Possible to Wash the Tent in Washing Machine

How to wash: tips

To start, simply wipe the cloth with a brush dipped in soapy water. Apply detergent to the contaminated areas, wait 10-15 minutes and remove it with a clean damp cloth. If you do this after each trip, the tent will not be covered with a hard-to-wash coating.

Many homeowners calmly deal with dry cleaning: remove dust and other debris, shake the interior. Nonetheless, the magazine notes that cleaning with soap is preferable, as harmful microorganisms can remain on the tent fabric.

Lifehack: Internal waste – sand, leaves, needles – is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

can you wash a tent in the washing machine

If you want to try your luck and wash an excessively dirty tent with a typewriter, follow these rules:

  • Spin is prohibited.
  • Only gels or capsules – they are rinsed well.
  • Delicate mode or handwashing function.
  • A small number of revolutions.
  • Do not wash if the dimensions of the tent are too large for your car, you may break the device.
  • Wash only when absolutely necessary. Washing in an automatic machine may be necessary 1 to 2 times during the entire operating time. Don’t overdo it.
  • Use water repellent sprays for the fabric after it dries.

tent washing machine

Complete washing is also possible by hand, for this you will have to fill the bath with water and dissolve the soap shavings in it.

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A more convenient way is to spread the tent out on the lawn, wet it from the hose, scrub it with a bar of soap, and after a few minutes rinse the moss well. Hand washing can be done much more often with a machine wash – about twice a season, depending on the quality of the rest.

Remember to clean the dirt and dry the equipment after use. Keep in mind that frequent washing, especially in the washing machine, reduces the performance of the tent.


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