Is it Safe to Put Tennis Balls in the Washing Machine

Is it Safe to Put Tennis Balls in the Washing Machine: Practical Effect: You have probably heard that when washing jackets and other winter clothes, it is recommended to put tennis balls in the drum. What is the use of this technique, what types of balls are safe for the device, is it possible to do without? The range of modern balls for washing is huge, not everything is limited to ordinary sports equipment.

Making tennis balls

Tennis balls are generally used to wash jackets and jackets, rarely for other types of clothing and textiles. The reception comes from old washing methods with a “beater” to quickly remove dirt.

Is it Safe to Put Tennis Balls in the Washing Machine

Why do housewives put tennis balls in the washing machine:

  • The attachment helps remove dirt from the deeper layers of load.
  • The bullets do not allow the load to crumple: as the drum spins, they bounce off the walls and “whip” the material. During normal washing, the lint or sintepu pile up, it is very difficult to straighten it with your hands. As a result, winter clothing loses its heat protective properties.
  • Special balls for washing, and not just tennis balls, fight fungus, help eliminate bad odors.
  • When rinsing, the additional mechanical effect of the accessory helps wash away all the detergent.

Tennis balls do not harm the car, they are quite light. But if you’re scared, use special laundry supplies bought at the hardware store.

If you wash the winter down jacket and notice that the down has been knocked over by large lumps, first wait for it to dry completely, then start straightening the filler with your fingers. When wet, it cannot be divided and distributed evenly. Help yourself with a stick: placing a waterproof jacket in a transparent bag, dispose of it.

What kind of balls to wash

A tennis ball is an inexpensive option for washing jackets, but housewives should be aware that special balls with advanced features are sold.

Is it Safe to Put Tennis Balls in the Washing Machine

What types of laundry balls are there:

  • Tourmaline – special balls with cleaning granules inside. Manufacturers recommend washing things with these balls without adding detergent. Such a ball is enough to wash the down jacket. The life of the subject is quite long – up to 3 years. Periodically you need to expose it to the sun.
  • Magnetic balls – record-holders by expiration date. Such an article does not deteriorate for 20 years. These balls are quite heavy, although small. For a wash cycle, use 5-6 balls. Advantages – Parallel water softening and protection of the device against limescale.
  • Embossed rubber – light balls with “buttons”, beat the load well. They are used to wash any laundry. Continuous drying after water procedures is required, the shelf life is 1 year or until the first signs of deformation. The varieties of rubber are the cheapest, but short-lived.
  • Embossed for sale plastic balls.

Tennis Ball Preparation

A special ball can be replaced by a tennis ball, but in this case, the subject will need to be prepared before the very first cycle. Sports equipment is usually a bright yellow color. To prevent the bullet from accidentally staining the lightweight fabric of the jacket, the yellow color should be removed.

can you put tennis ball in washing machine

What you should do:

  • Boil water in a saucepan and place the balls in it for a few minutes.
  • Then remove them carefully and immerse them in bleach.
  • When the color disappears, rinse the balls thoroughly with lukewarm water. All bleach residue should be washed off.
  • Bleach tennis balls just before the first wash; this procedure is no longer necessary in the future.
  • Another method is to dilute White with water and soak the beads in the solution for a few hours.

Use only new tennis balls for washing. Keep them dry in the bathroom and don’t use them for any other purpose. Tennis balls work the most efficiently: they are quite heavy and you need less.

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How many tennis balls do you need?

To wash the down jacket, 4-5 balls are enough. Some put 2-3, some – up to 8 pieces. It all depends on the volume of the drum and the weight of the jacket itself. After a few experiments, you will understand how many balls you need for your typewriter.

When washing with a lot of balls, the noise will be more intense.

How to replace tennis balls

Instead of tennis balls, a jacket can be washed with homemade aluminum balls. They are tightly rolled up from a leaf. The optimum size is that of nuts in a shell or a little larger.

How to replace tennis balls

As a replacement, rubber balls for swimming and games are suitable for children.

A little about washing jackets and down jackets

Remember, whether you use additives or not, the down jacket should be prepared for machine washing. Shake out the contents of the pockets, attach all zippers and buttons, unplug the fur collar or decorative part of the hood.

Use a gentle wash gel. It is allowed to use an air conditioner to mitigate the effects.

Also Check:

Wash jackets separately, do not mix with other things. For a jacket – a wash cycle. Do not forget to set the appropriate mode – better delicate, at low temperatures and at low revs. Hot water harms jackets and tennis balls. Repeated rinses are not superfluous. The spin is also performed at the lowest speed.

tennis ball in washing machine

Tip: Frequent washing of the down jacket is optional. Only send clothes to the machine if there is obvious contamination of the collar, cuffs, or other areas. Under the effect of constant mechanical stress, lint can creep up and synthetic sealant can lose its quality.

Massage with tennis balls has a positive effect on the quality of washing and on the condition of jackets. Try this simple method, and taking care of clothes with loads will be much easier and faster.


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