What items can be Washed with Dishwasher Tablets?

What items can be Washed with Dishwasher Tablets: Dishwasher tablets go unclaimed for a variety of reasons. Someone broke the device itself, someone bought the wrong size capsule. The hand does not rise to throw them away, as detergent is not cheap. Mistresses say: you can wash clothes with PMM tablets instead of powder. Experts note a number of limitations.

What items can be Washed with Dishwasher Tablets

Great find for white linen

As part of popular Finish, pills contain:

  • Enzymes that dissolve the molecules of proteins, fats, starches and thus eliminate pollution and stains;
  • Bleach – up to 15% of the mass of the tablet, breaks down dirt, food debris;
  • Polycarboxylate – detergent;
  • Nonionic surfactants which are used as a foaming base and have 100% biodegradability;
  • Phosphonates neutralize impurities in water;
  • Aromatic scents.

What items can be Washed with Dishwasher Tablets?

As can be seen from the list, the tablets do not contain aggressive components such as chlorine, which can damage tissue. The shelves can be used to wash white cotton items. In addition, they remarkably remove stains, especially of oily origin.

Tip: Try washing the dishwasher shelves with paper towels and rags that are in good condition. If nothing has happened to them, you can start washing light t-shirts.

The author of purity.designuspro.com recommends using no more than 2 dishwasher tablets during washing.

dishwasher tablets in washing machine

What things cannot be Washed with Tablets for PMM

As the capsules contain bleach, this is an unsuitable substance for colored laundry. Risking with delicate fabrics is not worth it. Silk, microfiber, viscose will not withstand such a powerful chemical treatment.

Another property of PMM tablets is that they are poorly soluble in cold water. A short cycle is not good in this case.

The following modes are recommended:

  • 2 hours in hot water at 60 degrees;
  • 1 hour at a temperature of 90-100 degrees.

can you use dishwasher tablets to wash clothes

Life hack: If a colored sock is accidentally lost in a drum and you wash it with a snow-white cloth, stains will likely remain on the fabric. A concentrated washing solution prepared from 1 tablet and hot water will help restore the original appearance to the laundry. Just soak the items overnight and enjoy the results in the morning.

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As a Descaler

The drum of a washing machine is possibly contaminated with scale and various deposits. Craftsmen recommend periodically cleaning it with soda and citric acid. But active detergents capable of dissolving limescale are also found in dishwasher tablets.

can you use dishwasher tablets to wash clothes

To extend the life of the washing machine, put the capsules once a month in the powder compartment and start washing at a temperature of 90 degrees without laundry. The procedure not only removes scale and dirt but also helps remove unpleasant odors and disinfect the machine.

So, if there are dishwasher tablets, they can be used to wash kitchen utensils, as a stain remover for discolored objects, to clean the washing machine. Especially well they remove greasy stains. However, washing with their help colored things from delicate materials is not worth it.


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