5 Top Washing Machine Under 15000 in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Top washing machine under 15000 lists were shared here. However, picking the best among various is going to be a challenging task than ever before.

Even though there are various brands available, it is becoming difficult to pick the best as such every human likes to pick the product that comes for long-lasting years.

Top Washing Machines Under 15000

So, in that case, let’s take a chance and go through the simple overview of every single product which has been shared here in detail. This is what helps to pick the best ever than any other.

Go through each product, learn the features, pros, and cons that are shared just below in detail. And suggested picking one that satisfies all your requirements very well. Anyhow, the lists of washing machines shared here belonged to both categories Semi-automatic and fully-automatic. Just go through the entire contents and pick your needy washing machine now without stepping back.

Top Washing Machine Under 15000 in India

Before we go learning each product, one more thing to be aware of is whoever purchases one among these 5 top washing machines under 15000 will definitely enhance greater comfort and convenience with 100% effective working conditions resulting in long-lasting days without causing any kind of difficulties.

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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This is a semi-automatic washing machine designed with several unique features that helps in providing and washing the clothes in a perfect way. However, the product comes with two separate components dryer and washer. In turn, the washer saves from taking a huge amount of water than the fully-automatic. Takes a sufficient amount of water and cleans up the clothes eliminating tough stains with high perfection.

  • This is an economical product.
  • The Samsung semi-automatic washing machine going to consume less water and less energy too.
  • Includes a little bit of manual effort too.
  • The product weighs around 7.2kgs and best suitable for family members who are living around 3-4 together.
  • And the company is offering a warranty period for the product for 2 years and on the motor for 5 years.
  • Rustproof because the body of the washing machine is made up of completely plastic.
  • The spin speed of this corresponding product is lying around 1000rpm revolutions per minute.
  • The box of the package consists of the components like 1 product, inlet pipe, user manual, outlet pipe, and many more.
  • Features like a center jet, child lock system, normal, delicate, and intensive wash options, wash programs, and many more.

top washing machine

Moreover, the center of the jet it has generated from the center of the pulsator improvising the effectiveness by lifting the complete clothes, linen, curtains, and many more very well. The center jet technology it has going to generate water through the center of the pulsator thereby improving the washing effectiveness very well. This is done by lifting up the entire clothes that have been dropped down at the center of the pulsator, protecting from the one and only tangle successfully.

  • The double storm technology allows the cloths to clean very well with the increase of washing powder. That means this is going to create a powerful wave that is processed the entire cycle resulting in better performance.
  • The air turbo drying system, when rotates the drum, releases more air for drying the clothes faster. And the indus2 system however allows the clothes to dry faster and in a more effective way.
  • The caster wheels it has going to help a human move the washing machine all-around very easily.
  • Buzzer it has will let you know about the status of washing clothes clean and helps in managing time perfectly and effectively.
  • Rust-proof only because the washing machine is manufactured with a plastic body.

And air turbo drying system going to spin the dryer over the high speed and at the same time the dual air intake system is going to consider the clothes in more air for drying them at the greater speed. The Indus2 system is going to push or provide more air to dry up the complete clothes a little bit faster and effectively. Another feature called special scrub board helps in enhancing typical wash exclusively on all categories of cloths eliminating the toughest stains perfectly. And lint filter is to collect the lint-like threads, hair, and many more allowing it not to settle down at the bottom of the washing machine.

  • Excellent value for money.

  • Affordable one as anyone can make a purchase of it without getting fail.

  • Easy to handle and easy to use.

  • The company is offering a warranty period for both products and a motor.

  • Amazing heavy load machine.

  • Caster wheels it has to help us in moving the washing machine all-around very easily.

  • Manual effort is needed at the product is semi-automatic.

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Whirlpool 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Whirlpool considered a beloved customer brand meant for the design and at the same time never compromised in terms of quality. The brand has been introduced 50+ years ago and enhanced both comfort and convenience too.

  • This is the fully-automatic top-loading washing machine.
  • It weighs around 6.2kgs and best suitable for both couples and bachelors respectively.
  • However, the company is providing the warranty period around 1 year on motor and 1 year in product.

bpl top load

The stainless steel tub has ensured greater durability and enough resistance too. The digital interface has helped in managing the wash very well. However, the machine comes with 10 wash programs differentiating the diverse classes of fabric very well.

  • The spin speed has come with the 750rpm (revolutions per minute).
  • Other features like an air dryer and child lock system were highly supportable.
  • It also consists of 8 water level selectors.

If in case the machine gets entered into the imbalanced state, will out the clothes resulting in optimal cleaning. Once the wash is done, the auto-switch option it has switches automatically. And the air dryer it has removes the moisture effectively so that can easily straight out of the tub.

  • Affordable one.

  • Best suitable for couples and bachelors.

  • Manufactured with the automatic imbalance system that held responsible to balance the laundry load with high perfection.

  • Simple and easy to use.

  • The most advantageous option it has is having an auto-switch option that automatically helps in switching off the washing machine once the wash cycle gets done.

  • Controls the water consumption by saving the water.

  • There is no option available for hot washing.

LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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LG, the brand itself ensures that they care about the clothes and machine however comes with three different wash programs ensuring the safety and greater customized wash meant for every single fabric type. And the lint filter it has held responsible for collecting the lint particles like threads, hair, pieces of paper, and many more going to be eliminated.

  • The product no more requires installation.
  • This is basically considered a semi-automatic washing machine.
  • It weighs around 6.5kgs and best suitable for family members 3-4 living together.
  • However, the company provides 2 years warranty period on the product.
  • The spin speed of this product lies around 1300 rpm revolutions per minute.
  • It has come with three special wash programs.

lg semi automatic washing machine

And the fibers will no more get stuck into the pipe enhancing the best washing performance. The unique collar scrubber greatly helps in scrubbing the collars, cuffs perfectly saving all the time and effort of every single cloth very well.

  • The roll jet pulsator helps in rotating with high friction thereby achieving a high or better washing experience.
  • The product has three wash programs normal, gentle, and strong.
  • Thanks to the Rat away technology as it keeps away the rats from the product all the time.
  • The spin shower has washed and cleans the soap that has been spilled over the clothes.
  • The Air dry feature dries the clothes very faster and effectively enough.
  • A collar scrubber, however, helps in scrubbing the stains if any exists over the collars. Saves both time and money too.
  • The Lint filter going to collect all the lint particles like hair and many more very well.

And the rollers that cause added friction for removing the entire dust particles very well result in enhancing better quality wash. The machine however manufactured with a 3MM plastic cover including the rat repellent chemical. Thereby there is no chance of getting even smell the rat.

  • Excellent value for money.

  • Less noisy.

  • Consumes a very less amount of water and energy.

  • Cleans the clothes very well eliminating tough and stubborn stains too.

  • The body is made up of plastic.

Samsung 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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The brand Samsung is well known and however, the product comes with a diamond drum including holes 25% small and deeper too. And each diamond-shaped depression going to held responsible for protecting fabrics from completely sticking out and getting it damaged. However, the diamond drum along with the embossed washboard surface was provided at the tests and thereby reducing the textile area exposure from harmful or dangerous effects while washing through the conventional washing machine drum lying around 34%.

  • The product is considered a fully-automatic washing machine.
  • It weighs around 6.5kgs respectively.
  • Best suitable for the family members living around 3 to 4.
  • Removes the toughest stains allowing the clothes to get clean very well and turn them into fresh.
  • The drum material is made up of STS.
  • Normal, Quick Qash, soak plus normal are considered as additional wash options.
  • Always put the clothes or laundry into lint-free.
  • The company is offering a warranty period of 2 years on product and 2 years on motor.
  • Saves all the laundry from the detergent residue.
  • The 25% holes which deep always prevent the fabrics from getting damaged and sticking out.

samsung washing machine

And the machine’s air turbo drying system greatly helps in decreasing the drying time perfectly.  It simply rotates the drum only for extracting more water out of the laundry load and speeds up the drying process. Also, minimizes the amount of time for getting all the wet cloths or blankets get dried with high perfection. Moreover, featured with a tampered glass door so that can be seen the complete wash cycle what’s happening inside and will come for long-lasting years without getting damaged easier.

  • The product is designed with a new LED display which helps the human learn the status of the wash cycle at the right time.
  • A magic filter it has removes or eliminates the lint particles that are getting out of the clothes at the time of washing with it.
  • The diamond drum comprised of 25%holes deeper which prevents the clothes from getting sticking out and damaged all the time.
  • The eco-tub clean feature always keeps the tub clean without getting affected by any of the chemicals.
  • The waterfall option helps to wash and clean the clothes very well by distributing the detergent equally all the sides.
  • Rotates the drum for extracting more water and thereby reduces the drying time too perfectly.
  • The round edge design it has will try to upgrade the surrounded area very well.
  • Manufactured with an easily understandable and simple user-interface which thereby allows making it useful in an easy way.
  • However, the tempered glass has enhanced greater visibility and provides long-lasting durability.

Anyhow, the product is designed in such a way, where it takes stand dealing with great pressure obtained from heavy laundry load and turning up into stronger saving from happening ing of getting cause with various damages or scratches respectively. The magic filter gathers or collects the lint like paper pieces, hair, or any particles that come out from the clothes at the time of getting washed. And the waterfall technology it has is however cleaning and rinse the complete clothes perfectly. Hence the clothes after getting washed at this amazing washing machine will never smell bad. This is going to be a good sign saying it results in high washing performance.

  • You are going to get the diamond-shaped drum rather than a drum made up of steel.

  • Best suitable for the family members living around 3-4 together.

  • A Company is offering around 2 years warranty period on product and 2 years on motor.

  • The magic filter it has is removing all the lint particles like hair, pieces of paper, and many more that come out from the clothes.

  • The tampered glass has to help you to view the status of the wash cycle and leave for long-lasting years without getting effected with any damage or scratches.

  • The product is designed including a child-lock system that keeps all your children away from getting settings modified.

  • The LED panel has displayed the time left for completing the wash cycle.

  • The product has a compact design.

  • Removes or eliminates the toughest and stubborn stains too from the clothes and allowing them to wash very neat or gentle all the time.

  • Sometimes, the auto-restart feature of this washing machine gets failed to work.

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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The best brand among various is Bosch. It is a german engineered washing machine manufactured with the feature called intelligent power wave wash system. This is what held responsible for delivering the best quality wash never compromising in terms of quality and standards. However, this is all possible only to the components it has.

  • This is the fully-automatic washing machine and the best in brand comparatively.
  • Affordable as even a common working man can afford to make a purchase.
  • Easy to use and enhance greatly quality wash without undergoing any kind of doubt.
  • The company however offering a warranty period on the product around 2 years and 10 years for motor.
  • The spin speed is going to maintain around 680 revolutions per minute (rpm).
  • And the product is comprised of 8 different wash programs and 8 different water wash levels.
  • The child-proof it has going to keep all the children away from it.
  • The other features like power wave wash system, steel drum, magic filter, one-touch start, easy closing lid, and many more were manufactured with it.

bosch fully automatic top load washing machine

Like the pulsator the way it is designed, dynamic water flow, and the innovative drum moment in the way the washing machine produces. Also, the product comes for long-lasting years. Anyhow the company offers a warranty period lying around 2 years on warranty period and 10 years on motor. Not only this but also resumes the last wash cycle where it has stopped when the power cut encounters.

  • The product is designed by German engineered for enhancing maximum performance.
  • The intelligent wave drum movement it has going to allow the dynamic flow of water and removes the toughest stains enhancing high effective wash.
  • The power-off memory function has helped in resuming the wash cycle from where it stops and then ends up resulting in the effective wash.
  • A magic filter is going to capture the lint like threads, hair that comes out from the cloths at the time of washing the entire laundry.
  • As the product comes with a soft closing lid, there are no chances of getting or happening accidental mishaps. Only because the lid starts closing gently without encountering any sound.
  • Most of the bosch washing machines fitted with the utmost toughened glass lid allowing it to see through and turning up into stronger enough.
  • The smart child lock system it has will keep the children away from modifying the settings.
  • With a single touch, selects or chooses the optimal program meant for laundry load.

The other interesting feature like one-touch it has going to starts the wash cycle automatically selecting or picking up the one respective optimal program which is best suitable for the laundry load that has been taken. So, therefore, try to get this best washing machine now at your home and allow the laundry to wash perfectly eliminating all categories of tough stains very well.

  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Best suitable for small families.

  • Affordable to make a purchase.

  • The company is providing a warranty period for both product and motor.

  • Comes for long-lasting years resulting in high washing performance.

  • The drum comprises of is made up of steel.

Top Washing Machine Under 15000 Buyer’s Guide

Buying the washing machine, however, is a great and big investment. So, people think multiple times about the product’s features, brand, category, and much more initially. Whatever product we choose will check about the options like is there the availability of dhobi wash, dryer, baby care, rinse, spinner, delicate, quick 30, and many more.

Spinning Cycle

While you look after the spin cycle, remember it must be around 720RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). The higher the capacity motor, the lesser the drying and enhance a very less amount of washing cycles respectively.

Energy Consumption

When you like to take less energy consumption, semi-automatic washing machines are preferable. Because all the semi-automatic washing machines take less or consume less amount of electricity units. But there are chances of getting voltage fluctuations results in a burnt. So to avoid this, you need to connect the machine with a voltage handler that held responsible for saving machines very well from the burnt.

The Drum Material

In general, we find the washing machines made up of either plastic or porcelain material that is not at all durable enough. Very soon, you are going to find or locate the formation of rust over these types of washing machines. So, therefore, make sure the washing machine you are choosing has the drum material made up of stainless steel. Anyhow, the lists of top washing machines shared on this page were stainless and highly durable.

Once analyzing the product features, learning details, and sharing the brand is done, it’s time to make an investment in the product you had chosen one among the top washing machines under 15000 available in India, and purchase it accordingly.

For more doubts, you can ask us just by mentioning in terms of comments at the below rectangle box. Stay connected with the best washing machine in India 2021 for learning more products that are going to be shared below in easily understandable language.

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