Washable Isosoft: Take Care of the Insulation Properly in Washing Machine

Washable Isosoft: Take Care of the Insulation Properly in the Washing machine: Artificial clothing fillers have several advantages over natural fibers, including ease of washing and care. Take a closer look at the isosoft filling: it is very comfortable, lightweight, machine washing is not dangerous.

Isosoft: characteristics of the load and its washing

Isosoft (isosoft) – one of the best polyester insulation for sportswear, children, and adults. They’re filled with ski jackets and suits, casual coats, kids’ suits, clothing and shoes for polar explorers, bedding, and camping gear. There are several degrees of isosoft density for different seasons and types of clothing, from 40 to 300 g / m 2. The air is sealed between the fibers, which is considered the best heat preservative.

Washable Isosoft: Take Care of the Insulation Properly in Washing Machine

Isosoft is popular due to its excellent thermoregulatory properties, breathability and lightness, low thickness, quickly restoring its shape after use and washing. In terms of warmth, isosoft is close to down but is made of synthetic fibers. The hypoallergenic base without glue allows you not to worry about allergic reactions and the appearance of fungi, ticks, and other problems in the load. Insulation is combined with many other fabrics and materials.

Is it possible to wash jackets and coats with isosoft putty? Yes, machine washing does not hurt them, in addition, the material dries very quickly.

The charge belongs to a Belgian company Libeltex. Isosoft has one drawback – its high price.

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How to properly wash things at isosoft and tips for drying and storage

Hand and machine washable. The second option is much more practical, especially since the ski and the suit easily fit into the drum. Difficulties can only arise with bulky sleeping bags. The filler in the drum does not deform as it does not roll due to the polymer coating.

how to take care of washing machine

Some important rules for washing isosoft putty:

  • Wash the isosoft down jacket separately from other materials. Each equipment has its own wash cycle.
  • It does not need prior soaking; in addition, soaking may damage the structure of the load.
  • Dry cleaning is acceptable.
  • Use only mild gels and powders, except chlorine. Prefer gels or capsules: they rinse quickly, unlike powders. In addition, soft products will extend the life of the washing machine.

Instructions on how to wash a thing with isosoft:

  • Before immersing yourself in the machine, fasten all zippers and buttons, remember to remove everything from the pockets. Detach the part of the fur, if necessary, clean it separately.
  • The water temperature – not higher than 40 degrees, better than 20-30.
  • Choose delicate mode, or hand / gentle wash function.
  • It is better to deactivate the spin in general. Sell ​​the fabric with your palms and dry it on the shoulders over the tub or on the dryer, using a basin to drain the water.
  • Do not use the machine’s drying mode.

proper handling of washing machine

Handwashing is harder and takes longer, but try this method if you’re worried about putting an expensive jumpsuit in a washing machine.

Not to leave isosoft too long in a basin with water while washing the hands: prolonged wetting will not be useful for this filler.

Wash the item manually immediately after submerging in soapy water. Try not to aggressively twist, rub or crush isosoft. A little effort or manipulation with a soft brush or sponge is enough. Rinse off the cleaning solution at the end.

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Tip: Pay attention to things with isosoft and membrane fabrics. High temperatures and an iron are harmful to him. For such clothes it is recommended to purchase special cleaning products.

proper cleaning of washing machine

Isosoft dries very quickly, so you can not worry about the ban on machine drying and spinning. A battery heater, solar dryer or hairdryer will drastically reduce the quality of charge in just two dryers. Ironing is also not a desirable procedure for products. It is enough to spread them on the shoulders or to grate them in the wet state so that the material recovers.

The garment washed and dried with isosoft is sent for storage in roll form. Do not fold the jacket to avoid wrinkles.

And the last tip: use special water-repellent sprays for outerwear to protect them from natural phenomena and extend their lifespan.


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