What is Prewash & How to use this Mode in a Washing Machine?

What is Prewash & How to use this Mode in a Washing Machine: Prewash is a mysterious feature in a washing machine, which not everyone can use. In the meantime, this is very useful, as it helps to clean the laundry better. We propose to declassify the diet and find out all its advantages and disadvantages.

How to use this Mode in a Washing Machine?

Wash before Washing

Pre-washing is often compared to soaking. However, this is not a true comparison. This mode replaces the manual washing of laundry. It is used if things are very dirty, have stubborn stains. For example, when you need to wash work clothes accidentally sprayed with drinks on a children’s tablecloth or pants, in which the child fell into a puddle.

How does the function work?

The “Prewash” program is compatible with almost all modes: “Hand wash”, “Cotton”, “Synthetics”, “Delicates”, “Intensive”, “Wool”, “Jeans” and others. This is usually an additional option that can be turned on or off. And only in some modes, it is combined with the main program, for example, “Clap” 90 degrees.

  • The washing machine draws water and heats it to 30 degrees. At this temperature, fruit, coffee, and bloodstains are easily removed.
  • Then, the powder is taken from the compartment intended for the preliminary cycle. In the main container, the detergent remains intact.
  • The drum rotates slowly while cleaning the laundry.
  • The duration of the diet varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the model of the washing machine.
  • Then the water runs out and the main wash begins.

During the program, a powder container is used, indicated by a unit by the English letter A.

How to use this Mode in a Washing Machine?

Subtleties of use

All information about the modes can be found in the instructions for the typewriter. There are some subtleties of using each.

Here’s what the prewash says:

  • It is carried out only with dry powder. If you open the operating instructions for the automatic machine, you will be able to find information that the main compartment cannot be filled with gel when this function is activated. The point is that the liquid product slides smoothly down the tube. As for the main loop, the compartment is already empty.
  • Function incompatible with express modes. If it doesn’t want to light up, then you’ve probably chosen express wash. The manufacturers felt that it was not necessary here. Logically, if you need to wash things quickly, it means that the laundry is not so dirty and does not need to be washed first.
  • Manufacturers prohibit pouring anything other than detergent into the pre-wash compartment.

washing machine programs explained

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Advantages and disadvantages

Pre-washing is a washing machine is a delicate process, it does not harm even fussy fabrics. Anything that can be washed in the machine can be subjected to this procedure.

  • The advantage of using the program is efficiency.

Any laundry previously washed in cold water and then in hot water will be cleaner than a regular wash. Using this mode in the typewriter will ensure that all the dirt goes down the drain and you don’t have to wash things.

  • The downside is the inability to save resources.

When using the additional function, the washing machine consumes more electricity and water than with the standard program. For this reason, many housewives prefer to wash things with their hands.

There is an additional parameter, time, which can be written in both plus and minus. On the one hand, an automatic machine whose function is activated erases longer, on the other hand, it does manual work for you. You can do other things at the same time as you bathe.

Step by step instructions

Washing with a preliminary cycle is not much different from normal. The only difference is that you pour the powder into 2 compartments and press the button that activates the function.


  • Load the dirty contents into the drum.
  • Fill compartment “1” with detergent. Recommended amount – 1 tbsp. spoon
  • Pour the powder into the main compartment (“2”). You can also add a stain remover or bleach (dry only!).
  • Choose the main wash mode according to the type of garment.
  • Activate the pre-wash function. On washing machines (Samsung, LG, BOSCH) this is indicated by the full name or by the icon with a vertical stick.
  • Wait until the washing machine is finished.
  • Unload the drum and hang the laundry to dry.

 washing machine settings

On modern models of washing machines, prewash is included in the program of some modes. For example, Samsung’s Sports Stuff mode provides for two wash cycles: the preliminary and the main. This is indicated by indicators on the digital panel. If you have selected a mode and found that the pre-wash icon is lit, be sure to pour the powder into the correct compartment.

Many housewives have noticed that during normal programs the washing machine collects the powder from the first and second trays. Therefore, they don’t understand how the pre-wash option works. However, for this, it is also necessary for the machine to take turns removing the detergent from the compartments.

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To make sure the program is working, you can stop the machine after 15-20 minutes of twisting the drum and see if the powder remains in the main compartment. You can also perform a test by washing half of the clothes, as usual, and the other half with a pre-wash. According to the reviews of those who decided to conduct such an experiment, with the function turned on, things are better washed by an order of magnitude.


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