Top 5 Best Washing Machines Under 15000 in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Well, buying or purchasing the best washing machines under 15000 in India has become a great challenging task in all these days.

There might be various brands introduced in the market but few options need to look after before purchasing one of the best washing machines. What all the options to be verified before purchasing is however shared over at the user’s buying guide.

5 Best Washing Machines Under 15000 in India

But before that let us have a simple overview related to these best washing machines available in India. Washing machines actually categorized into two categories Semi-automatic and fully-automatic. People choose accordingly based on the customer’s requirements or needs.

That means every single user who is looking forward to making a purchase must and should frame their requirements initially and were suggested to buy the product.

But as discussed, choosing and buying the perfect and effectively working washing machine has become the most challenging task. So, therefore, undergoing the perfect research is very essential before purchasing the product. But for saving all your valuable time, we have come with the top lists of washing machines costs around 15000.

Best Washing Machines Under 15000 in India

So finally we have come to the place where can learn the best washing machines under 15000 in India. Even though there are various brands, the washing machines shared here going to be more preferable as they already reached a high level of customer satisfaction and many positive reviews.

So, if you are looking for the top washing machine with the best brand costing around 15000 in India, without making any delay here we go.

LG 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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The product LG fully-automatic is manufactured with Smart inverter, energy-saving technology. This held responsible for eliminating wasted operation on controlling energy use perfectly. Moreover, it adjusts the energy consumption over to the optimum level managing according to the sufficient amount of power.

  • Affordable with excellent wash quality.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It weighs around 6.2kgs and best suitable for couples and bachelors.
  • The company is offering 2 years warranty period on the product and 10 years for its motor.
  • The spin speed is lying around 780 rpm (revolutions per minute).
  • The normal, pre-wash plus normal, quick wash, Tub Clean/Aqua reserve, strong and gentle wash programs were available.
  • The box includes a single anti-rat cover, product, OT Horse, owner’s manual, QRG, Drain Horse, 200gms detergent packet were included.

top load

And if you have noticed the 3-smart motions are combined with Turbodrum and Precise smart inverter controller upgrades wash type and never compromised on achieving greater performance. It acts powerful enough washing with one and only features called Multi Water Flow. You also have an opportunity to lock the entire keys available in the product from being modified or changed by the child in any case. Try to set the product’s settings with additional options and save it for making the options to be performed later whenever we are in need.

  • The product is manufactured with Smart Inverter Technology which makes the product completely waterproof and highly durable.
  • The child Lock feature is provided.
  • The smart inverter motor has helped in adjusting the energy consumption to the optimum level taking sufficient power.
  • The BMC motor protection is covered up all around the motor acting as a protection layer thereby giving a long life to it.
  • The turbo drum has enables the most powerful wash removing stains perfectly by taking the help of strong water of the corresponding drum and pulsator working in the opposite direction.
  • The drum it has is purely rust-proof turning up into highly durable.
  • Tub clean option it has sterilizes both the outer and inner tub.

In case, if you have identified any error, simply make a call or else use the LG owner’s manual to solve or get rid of errors encountered at the time of usage. Other than this, if you made a call to the service center, within a while with greater comfort and convenience the issue is going to get resolved. However, the pre-wash is going to be the best option and easy for removing stains clearly and successfully. With a single touch, even the tough stains were eliminated with high perfection.

  • Delivers great performance.

  • Best in quality and standards.
  • Affordable.
  • It is light-weight.
  • Less noisy and consumes very less amount of water.

  • The product does not contain the automatic mode option for setting the water. Manually, the person has to set the amount of water level.

Haier 5.8 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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The Haier fully automatic top loading washing machine is going to include a multi-segment display. This is what helps in updating the complete process of the wash cycle from time to time. It also enhances and provides greater convenience in operating the product. And the product is completely rust-free because the plastic cabinet it has is made up of rust-proof material. Thereby comes long-lasting years.

  • This is the fully automatic top loading washing machine.
  • Affordable in price and enhances great wash quality.
  • Very much easy to use.
  • It weighs around 5.8kgs and best suitable for all the couples and bachelors.
  • The company is offering 2 years warranty period on the product and 5 years on its motor.
  • The spin speed of the product is lying around 1000rpm (revolutions per minute).
  • The product’s material is completely rust-proof.
  • It has components like a digital display, Double level spin tub, quick wash, and quadra flow.

haier top load washing machine

The feature called Double level spin tub is present at the bottom of the tub enhances less abrasion of laundry due to its special sized drum holes. And then another option called quick wash allows the cloths to wash very quickly and gently. The remaining time display allows you to learn the process of a complete wash cycle.

  • The product is comprised of 6 wash programs.
  • The product is designed including the multipurpose spin tub.
  • The fuzzy logic control has automatically measured the complete clothes and fixes the washing time it really needs or takes. When the option gets turned on, start working accordingly.

Also, it allows you in making you free and leave you to do or complete another work until the end of the wash cycle. Whoever uses this product, no person manually washes the laundry. And the Quadra flow pulsator going to generate the feature called multidirectional turbulence within the drum and rotates the entire laundry forcefully. Enhances multi-way rotation for undergoing perfect wash.

  • Best washing machine for ideal space.

  • Affordable one.
  • There is an availability of a warranty period lying around 2 years on it and 5 years on motor.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Enhances effective laundry wash.

  • There is no separate chamber available for pouring the fabric conditioner.

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

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Samsung, one of the competitive and well-known brands has come with an amazing washing machine weight around 6.2 kgs. This is a fully automatic top load washing machine available at affordable prices. Considered as the most and amazing powerful washing machine among various.

  • You can contact via 1800 40 7267864 for obtaining product installation. But do not forget to mention the product’s model name.
  • It weighs around 6.2 kgs and the best fully-automatic top-load washing machine.
  • The company is offering 2 years warranty period on the machine and 2 or 4 years warranty on the motor.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Features like auto-restart, magic filter, air turbo, tempered glass window, diamond-shaped drum, pulsator, and many more were available.

samsung fully automatic

However, the company is giving a warranty period around 2 years on product and 2 years on motor. Best suitable for family members who are living around 2-3 at one roof. The unique and most useful features like eco tub clean, magic filter, auto restart, and easy iron were included and highly supportable too.

  • Has come with the centered jet technology handles and protects the tangled laundry very well.
  • The diamond-shaped drum it has going to prevent the entire clothes from getting damaged.
  • The magic filter takes responsibility to gather the lint and fluff particles that come out from the cloths and turning up them very neat and clean.
  • And the option called Eco tub clean always maintains the machine very fresh.
  • Child lock it has always put the washing machine’s settings away from the children.

Also, includes center jet technology to protect the one and only tangled laundry without getting fail. Available in different colors including the LCD display. This is what helps the user learning about the entire process of the wash cycle with high perfection.

  • Even though after placing the cloths, detergent and plugin is done, and forgot about it also no issues. Itself completes the entire wash cycle removing stains perfectly.

  • 100% fully automatic.
  • The Wash quality it has is amazing.
  • Designed including the most powerful motor for obtaining the rotation.
  • Very useful and comes with simple operations.

  • Needs a huge amount of water.

Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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The Whirlpool fully automatic washing top-loading washing machine is actually powered by 6th sense technology. This is especially to control, sense, and enhance everyday washing needs without getting fail. Also, it adjusts the quantity of detergent to be taken, water level, setting up the wash time based on the fabric you are including in it, and then can load.

  • The very first, the product is affordable.
  • Simple to use and easy to wash.
  • The company is going to provide 2 years warranty period on product and 2 years on motor.
  • The spin speed is lying around 740 rpm (revolutions per minute).
  • The technologies like 1-2-3, hard-water wash, and many more were included with it.
  • And the Spa drum going to have around 50% holes than the ordinary drum.

whirlpool fully automatic top load

The feature called stain wash held responsible to clean the complete cloths even though there is a chance of getting irregular water supply. Another option called auto tub clean always looks after and keeps the detergent bar, tub, and other components clean eliminating the toughest stains.

  • The component called Agipeller comprised of three 3D scrub pads held responsible to remove the toughest stains and relieves the pure whitewash.
  • Express wash it has provides or enhances 50% wash meant for all categories of wash programs.
  • Super Intelligent hard water option going to adapt the entire machine wash programs considering hard water thereby providing better actions.
  • Whenever the water pressure results low, the ZPF technology helps to fill the tub very fast and accurate.
  • All the smart sensors alert the entire voltage fluctuations thereby lowering the water pressure.
  • The smart detergent recommendation, which helps in advising the detergent dosage all the time.
  • Dynamix technology helps in ensuring the mix of complete detergent saying or claiming the no detergent left over the cloths.

Also, manufactured with dirt plus button meant for all the dirty clothes to be washed or cleaned well. It reuses both rinse and washes options. Featured with a child lock system to keep the washing machine’s settings away from the children especially causing from the accidental tampering.

  • It has come with the best feature called express wash.

  • Fills up the tub very fast and accurate.
  • Water consumption is low.
  • The machine workes effectively removing all the toughest stains perfectly.

  • There are chances as the outlet water pipe has come out after the entire wash program is done.

Whirlpool 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Best in removing tough stains by making use of one and only turbo scrub technology. And the other feature called the in-built collar scrubber helps in eliminating tough stains located on the collars very well.  In simple terms, one can say the machine is totally hassle-free enhancing the most comfortable scrub than any other.

  • The product is economical and consumes a very less amount of water and energy.
  • It involves mostly manual effort.
  • The spin speed of the corresponding washing machine is lying around 1450 rpm (revolutions per minute).
  • There are 3 wash programs including the in-built memory.
  • The control panel it has is very much uniquely and smartly designed thereby protecting from water entering inside the product.

whirlpool star semi automatic top load

Features, like manufactured with a large tub, come up with the multi-utility tray, making use of super soak technology, in-built scrubber, memory, lint collector, and many more were included with it. However, it weighs around 7kgs and best suitable for the family members 3 to 4 who are living together.

  • The product is manufactured with the most wonderful feature/ option called hassle-free comfortable scrub technology.
  • The large washtub is designed with a 66L deep wash system, was completely held responsible for washing the complete laundry with 66L of water.
  • A multi-utility tray helps in sorting and drying the clothes in a perfect way. Thereby helps the water gets flow back into the respective washtub.
  • Soak-scrub technology, the action is meant for 25 minutes that scrubs and remove the dirt and other toughest stains very well.
  • Other features or components like in-built memory, in-built scrubber, and lint collecter cleans up the complete stains and give a perfect wash.

Also, consumes very less water and energy too. Maintains the spin speed around 1450. Affordable as such any common man can make a purchase of it to make their work done a little easier. Anyhow the company is offering 2 years warranty period on the product and 5 years for the motor.

  • A Very Good product is available at an affordable price.

  • The panel it has is completely shockproof and waterproof.
  • Whenever the power gets cut, the machine stops and once the power is back, starts again from where it has stopped in previous.
  • Simple operation and easy to use.
  • It is light-weight and best suitable for small families.

  • The product needs a little bit of manual power as the product is semi-automatic.

Best Washing Machines Under 15000 Buyer’s Guide

All the brands, however, offer numerous features but make sure the product you are choosing is satisfying all your requirements. Verifying this is very important before making an investment. Hence let us have a look over the below options that greatly help you in taking the right decision on making an investment over the best washing machine.

Washing Machine Categories

Well, here are the lists of washing machines belong to both semi-automatic and fully-automatic either might be the top-load or front load washing machines. So whoever likely to make an investment in purchasing the best washing machine must select the category and type of the washing machine initially.

If the customer is dealing or managing the heavy laundry, in that case, were suggested to pick the semi-automatic washing machines. People who like to make their job easier were suggested to choose fully-automatic washing machines as it includes spinner, dryer, washing clothes clean, safer, and all.


Generally, all the washing machines differ in terms of capacity. It varies from 5-10 kgs respectively. To enhance a better idea, go through the below details shared in the form of tabular format.

If your family is all around 5-6 members 8-10 kgs washing machine is preferable.
If your family has 2-3 members 5-6 kgs washing machine is preferable.

Hence, the higher the family members are, the high the washing machine’s capacity is needed.

Water Consumption

If in the case of the area you are leaving deals with hard water, make sure the washing machine you had selected can easily cover up or deal with the corresponding issue very well. Also, remember the semi-automatic washing machines cannot cover up the issue as they will no more support or accept the hard water.

But the fully automatic washing machines with top load support this feature. Because all this feature breaks down and enables the detergent to get to dissolve which takes to complete the entire laundry done perfectly. Hence whenever you see or learn that the area you are living in has such issues, simply go choose the fully automatic washing machine without stepping back.

Wash programs

Would you like to choose the washing machine having several wash programs? Then picking the fully-automatic with front-load is 100% suggestable. However, for regular households, the semi-automatic is well-preferrable as they deal with the normal clothes undergoing basic or simple wash programs respectively. So, therefore, depending upon the requirements, you are requested to choose the best washing machine that is available in the above lists.

Water Heater

The feature called a water heater considered the most advanced feature available in these washing machines released in the year 2020. But this cannot be located over the semi-automatic washing machines. And can be identified over the fully automatic washing machines successfully.

Whatever product you are choosing must check about its maintenance and how long the product going to survive. Hence start your research now by taking a look at the products shared here before making an investment.

[For instance: Categories like fully-automatic/ semi-automatic/ top-load or front-load washing machines] As a result, for enhancing a quick idea on best washing machines go through the details shared here one by one.

For any doubts, you can share mentioning in terms of comments. Within a while noticing the queries shared by the customers, we will explain in detail. Stay hooked with the best washing machines in India for learning more amazing products.

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