How to Wash Microfiber Products in Washing Machine?

How to Wash Microfiber Products in Washing Machine: The Fabric has its Own Secrets: Microfiber products are soft, durable, absorb moisture quickly, do not leave stains on surfaces, and rinse off easily. However, any fabric accumulates dust and dirt over time.

How to wash the microfiber? She calmly transfers hand washing and machine washing, the only thing to consider is the water temperature.

What is this fabric and what is he afraid of

Microfiber is woven from the finest fiber – polyester, polyamide, or nylon. It produces bedding, towels, cleaning supplies, furniture, glass towels, and car seats.

How to Wash Microfiber Products in Washing Machine

Synthetics do not tolerate hot water, ironing, bleaching, and harsh detergents. Strong spinning while spinning is also not recommended, although the material is resistant to warping. The fabric does not like the effects of the flax-based conditioner, as it loses its unique properties.

For information Due to poor maintenance, microfiber does not tear or lose its properties instantly, but it wears out much faster. If you wash the products properly, they will last for several years.

Manufacturers usually indicate on the label how to care for the material, whether it is machine washable or whether it is recommended to remove dirt manually. There is also information about the temperature regime.

To hand-wash

It won’t be difficult to get rid of stains without a washing machine: all the microfiber dirt can be easily removed with soap and powder.

How to Wash Microfiber Products in Washing Machine

Basic rules for washing:

  • Put the product in warm water, the temperature of which should not exceed 50 degrees;
  • Boiling is unacceptable: deformation of the microfiber occurs, the towel becomes unusable;
  • Use laundry soap, non-aggressive washing powder, liquid detergent;
  • Pre-soak heavily soiled kitchen and floor rags for 1 hour;
  • It is unnecessary to grate the material too much, stains are easily removed under the influence of detergents;
  • Rinse things only in clean water, without air conditioning;
  • Synthetics dry in a room or on the street, away from colored linen: Although the microfiber itself does not fade, it absorbs paint quickly.

Tip: It is best to use a powder with a pH of less than 10 units.

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In the washing machine

If there is no time or if you do not want to soak and wash the microfiber manually, you can use the automatic machine.

Is it possible to wash microfiber in washing machine

The recommendations are as follows:

  • As the fabric is bulky, the drum is loaded on ¾.
  • Washing is carried out in a delicate mode: too intense a rotation damages the fibers.
  • No need to add too much powder, just fill the compartment as for a normal cycle.
  • Wash the microfiber wipes separately, as fibers and hair can build up on the surface.
  • The temperature regime is 40-50 degrees.
  • Do not squeeze the microfiber into the washing machine, it is better to get rid of the moisture manually.

Is Important When choosing microfiber laundry, make sure that it does not contain bleach particles or conditioning agents.

If the product is very dirty

In this case, an extended soak of 10-12 hours is used. It is necessary to dissolve the detergent in water and immerse things in it, then rinse them well. If it was not possible to remove the towel the first time, it is re-soaped and rinsed.
To tidy up a kitchen rag, it can be pretreated with a paste of soda and water and immersed in a soap solution for an hour, then rinsed thoroughly in water.

 how to wash microfiber cloth for glasses

Another way that housewives know is to use lemon juice as a stain remover. The recipe is as follows: the juice of half of the fruit is squeezed into a bowl with 5-7 liters of warm water and immersed in a tea towel for a few hours. If the dirt is deeply absorbed by the fibers, you can squeeze a whole lemon, then wash in the usual way.

To remove stains, you can use “Vanish”, which refers to fabrics. The drug should be diluted according to the instructions. A contaminated towel is usually held in solution for half an hour.

Drying and ironing rules

It is recommended to keep the microfiber away from hot appliances, radiators. Otherwise, creases and creases appear on the fabric, which cannot be removed. In extreme cases, a hairdryer is allowed at a minimum temperature.

how to clean microfiber cloth

The synthetic fiber perfectly tolerates direct sunlight and dries in a few hours thanks to its porous structure.

How to iron the products? As the material hardly wrinkles, it does not need to be ironed. Conversely, heating the microfiber spoils the fibers. If the product is too wrinkled, it should be carefully straightened and dried in a wet form on a flat surface.

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If the bed linen is made of material and you want to make it look perfect, you can try ironing it through a cotton towel.

Tip: Before ironing everything, iron a small piece of fabric. If he has lost his form, it is better not to risk it.

Some recommendations:

How to wash a microfiber cloth

  • Wash the microfiber in an automatic machine only as a last resort, the products are cleaned well by hand.
  • Rags and towels will last longer if soaped and rinsed daily.
  • To remove stains from microfiber furniture, you need to wipe it in a circular motion with a soapy solution, allow it to dry, and brush.

Microfiber is a universal durable material, and proper washing only increases its lifespan.


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