How Often Should Tulle and Other Types of Curtains be Washed in Washing Machine?

How Often Should Tulle and Other Types of Curtains be Washed in Washing Machine: Despite the new trends in interior design, few people decide to leave their windows without curtains. Women are happy to choose the textiles and the type of canvas but do not always know how to properly care for them. How often should you wash curtains, what detergents, and what washing scheme do you prefer for a particular material? Let’s figure it out.

How Often Should Tulle and Other Types of Curtains be Washed in Washing Machine

First of all, the curtains are washed at least twice a year: in autumn and spring. At the same time, windows and window sills are washed. But if for some reason the textiles quickly become dirty, the frequency of washing changes – the curtains need to be washed more often.

What determines the frequency of washing?

How often curtains are washed depends on several factors:

  • Room type. It should be remembered that in some rooms dirt accumulates more quickly than in others. Kitchen curtains should be washed several times more often than curtains hanging in the bedroom. The children’s room also requires increased attention: dust serves as a breeding ground for microorganisms and fungi, which can be extremely dangerous for immature immunity.
  • Type of curtains. Layered constructions with lambrequins collect much more dust than simple unadorned curtains.
  • Type of material. More dust settles on fleece and openwork fabrics (eg tulle) than on smooth textiles.
  • Place of residence. These include the location of a house or apartment in the industrial area, the proximity of a window to the road, and general climatic indicators. The more serious the environmental situation, the more dust, and dirt there is near the house, the more you have to wash the curtains and do the wet cleaning of the whole house.
  • The number of households. It is necessary to take into account not only adult members of the family but also children. In addition, dogs and cats are also sources of pollution.

How Often Should Tulle and Other Types of Curtains be Washed in Washing Machine

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Cleaning frequency

The first thing most people agree with is that curtain cleaning should be combined with general house cleaning. Most often it is carried out twice a year – in autumn and spring. During this period, it is best to completely clean the window – rinse the frame, glass, and window sill. In this case, the mesh curtain will stay that way longer.

However, in large cities, due to the abundance of dust and smog, it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning of the premises every month. It is not strictly necessary to include curtain washing in this process. They can simply be sucked.

It is recommended to disinfect curtains, as well as other fabric surfaces (upholstery, fabrics, carpets, etc.) after serious viral or bacterial illnesses. A similar procedure will help to clean the room from viruses and germs.

Special attention should be paid to curtains if young children have visited the house. Quite often, they can leave complex contaminants on the fabric (sauce stains, jam, paint, etc.). The main thing, in this case, is to quickly wedge the material so that the dirt does not eat. This will help avoid the cost of unplanned and expensive chemical cleaning.

how to wash tulle and curtains in washing machine

General recommendations

The washing information varies considerably depending on the type of fabric, but you can still distinguish the key points:

  • The temperature of the washing water is selected individually. However, it should not be lower than 40–45 ° C. Otherwise, the risk of not washing the fabric is high, as the detergent may not dissolve completely. The latter, by the way, can lead to white spots on the surface of the curtains.
  • Before the main wash, stubborn dirt is washed away, treating them with a stain remover.
  • Before soaking them, remove all hooks and clips from the fabric.
  • For washing, detergent can be used, but in cases where the material is sufficiently delicate or fleecy, it is better to use mixtures of liquid detergents.
  • Most types of curtain fabrics are prone to shrinkage and warping. Therefore, coarse washing and rinsing are unacceptable.
  • Dry the material on a flat surface, such as a clothes dryer. If drying is carried out on a rope, the material should be fixed with clothes pins, placing them evenly, sufficiently close to each other.

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In most cases, it is best not to wash the curtains at all. In the absence of serious contamination, you can limit yourself to dry cleaning, for example vacuuming the cloth or spraying it with an iron.

Old curtains should be washed more often than new ones. Those who bought curtains not so long ago should know: many manufacturers use special impregnations that repel dust. But with each wash, the impregnation is washed away and the fabric loses its antistatic and hydrophobic properties.

So wash curtains, no matter what type, at least twice a year. If the curtains get dirty faster, don’t wait for the fabric to absorb the dust. Do not be too lazy to remove the canvas from the ledge and refresh it in the washing machine or manually.


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